Meet Maggie 

Maggie grew up in Indiana and moved to Brooklyn 10 years ago. One of four siblings she always found a way to stand out and make others laugh.  With a background in Marriage and Family Therapy, she has found this work to be completely rewarding.  She continues to moonlight for the Brooklyn Birthing Center and for homebirth midwives as a Midwife's Assistant. She is a Sister, Doula, Mother and Friend.

She is the perfect combination of down to earth and funny with wisdom and experience. Maggie has the ability  to  empower you to be the best, most confident, strongest YOU during pregnancy, labor, pushing, and then Mama once your baby is here. Her rare sensitivity to timing and tone allows her to know exactly when to step in and offer encouragement, and when to step back and create space for a family to just be together.  She provides incredible support at an especially vulnerable time and does so with compassion, patience, and humor.

Maggie has been a doula for over seven years and has attended over 300 births.